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Restaurant Menu App Symbian

  • Restaurant Menu
  • Restaurant Menu
  • Restaurant Menu
  • Restaurant Menu
  • A simple app which allows users to browse through and order food or drinks from your electronic menu.
  • User Friendly, Touch Sensitive, Digital Menu
  • Showcases pictires, description and recipe of the food item.
  • Customer can order directly from the application or simply use it as a Menu.
  • Upgrade to Future Technology. Just send the link to any mobile device or iPad.
  • Unique, Tailor-Made app, designed in sync with your corporate image and branding.
  • Easily Editable Content Management System - Change Your App Contents in Seconds.
  • No Maintenance or Ongoing Charges. One off App Development Investment.
  • Once downloaded, always stays on your client's mobile devices for easy reference.
  • No need of printing the standard tadtional menus. Save money by switching to this app.




Awards & Recognitions

Goodness Tree Good Books Award 2011

Liluah Rural Companies Award 2011

Q1 2011 - WB Opticals Top 100 Award

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